2017 May Children’s Book Week & Screen Free Week


This year “Screen Free Week” is May 1st through May 7th. The same week in May is also Children’s Book Week. Whole families or a whole community can take part in these celebrations.

You can even register your “Screen Free Week at this site and you can let them know what your family is doing.


And, this section of the site with give you an organizing kit to prepare you for the week. It has all kinds of facts & figures in it as well as activities to do while your family is “screen free”.


Go to this site for over 100 “Screen Free” activities.


And here is another site with 101 things for kids to do during Screen Free Week.


This site will give you 10 things to do everyday during the 7 days of Screen Free Week. Some are done inside or outside and some are done in the community you live in.


Here is a site that offers to send you 5 screen free activities a day, everyday (up to a million). There is an email sign up to get the 5 everyday, but they have several on their home page including playing librarian. Check it out at:


The older kids may find some fun activities to do at this site.


Since this week is also Children’s Book Week, we’ll provide some sites to celebrate that. This year is the 98th year the Children’s Book Council has promoted national literacy. Go to their site for more information.


The “Every Child A Reader”, a non-profit literacy group, has expanded it’s activities to celebrate Children’s Book Week. There are activities and so forth at their site. Go to:


Here at the Library, the Children’s Department has decorated the stack ends with suggestions on what to read and activities to do. Also, be sure to check the Library calendar for other things that will take place this week. Go to: