Do you want to read outside your comfort zone in 2019?  Take Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge—a list of 24 categories of books that you may not have read before.  To keep you motivated, we’ll feature one of the categories each week in the e-newsletter along with suggestions from our collection and beyond.  We’re going to feature the categories in order of how they appear on the list, but feel free to tackle the them in any order you like!  For the full list from Book Riot, click here.


Capital Gaines: Smart things I learned doing stupid stuff by Chip Gaines

Before he was an HGTV star, Chip Gaines was a serial entrepreneur always ready for the next challenge. In this book, he relives some of his craziest antics and lessons he has learned.

Women Who Work: Rewriting the rules for success by Ivanka Trump

The daughter of Donald Trump and founder of her eponymous fashion brand counsels women on how to achieve maximum success in all areas of life through a strategic prioritization that includes family, friends, and creative pursuits, as well as career ambitions.

Managing Up: How to move up, win at work, and succeed with any type of boss by Mary Abbajay

In this book, leadership development expert, Mary Abbajay, drew on her years of experience helping companies and individuals to transform their organizations into positive and productive workplaces. Managing Up is filled with effective approaches for managing your manager based on personality and behavioral preferences. Without resorting to brown nosing or sucking up, you will develop the positive skills that can empower you to forge strong relationships, increase cooperation, collaboration, and understanding between those who have different power levels and perspectives.

Inside the Chinese Business Mind: a tactical guide for managers by Ted Sun

At the core of Inside the Chinese Business Mind is an in-depth survey which gathered responses from over 200 business leaders in both the United States and China. Going beyond the scope of traditional guidebooks, the study incorporates elements of psychology, resulting in a fascinating portrait of the Chinese people, one that finds clear distinctions in behaviors and priorities across different regions, among various age groups, and within other demographic categories. This specific information will help business leaders develop the kind of cultural awareness that leads to greater opportunities and stronger relationships in China, at home, and within themselves.

Jello Girls by Allie Rowbottom

In 1899, Allie Rowbottom’s great-great-great-uncle bought the patent to Jell-O from its inventor for $450. The sale would turn out to be one of the most profitable business deals in American history, and the generations that followed enjoyed immense privilege – but they were also haunted by suicides, cancer, alcoholism, and mysterious ailments.
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