Do you want to read outside your comfort zone in 2019?  Take Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge—a list of 24 categories of books that you may not have read before.  To keep you motivated, we’ll feature one of the categories each week in the e-newsletter along with suggestions from our collection and beyond.  We’re going to feature the categories in order of how they appear on the list, but feel free to tackle the them in any order you like!  For the full list from Book Riot, click here.

A book by or about someone that identifies as neurodiverse
Rules by Cynthia Lord
Frustrated at life with an autistic brother, twelve-year-old Catherine longs for a normal existence, but her world is further complicated by a friendship with a young paraplegic.

Love Anthony by Lisa Genova
Lisa Genova offers a unique perspective in fiction—the extraordinary voice of Anthony, a nonverbal boy with autism. Anthony reveals a neurologically plausible peek inside the mind of autism, why he hates pronouns, why he loves swinging and the number three, how he experiences routine, joy, and love. In this powerfully unforgettable story, Anthony teaches two women about the power of friendship and helps them to discover the universal truths that connect us all.

Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s by John Elder Robison
The author describes life growing up different in an odd family, his unusual talents, his struggle to live a “normal” life, his diagnosis at the age of forty with Asperger’s syndrome, and the dramatic changes that have occurred since that diagnosis.

Dying to Know You by Aidan Chambers
Struggling through his dyslexia to try to fulfill his girlfriend Fiorella’s request for a letter revealing his secret self, eighteen-year-old Karl asks Fiorella’s favorite author for help, and he agrees only if Karl will submit to a series of interviews, which prove helpful to both men.

Beyond All Expectations: The Story of Paige Barton by JoAnne W. Putnam
When Paige Barton was born in 1951, she was believed to have Down syndrome, a diagnosis then associated with mental retardation and a shortened life span. Societal stereotypes and beliefs about human potential dictated that from age 14, Paige would spend 15 years in segregated institutions, experiencing the rejection and despair of being removed from her family and community. Beyond All Expectations: The Story of Paige Barton is the remarkable story of how Paige overcame tremendous societal barriers to gain independence from institutions, obtain her Bachelor’s degree, and earn a professional position in state government advocating for people with disabilities. Although most suspected she had Down syndrome, they were wrong, and Paige’s true disorder was not discovered until she was 35.

Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry
When her mother breaks up with yet another boyfriend, Calliope meets Jinsong at her latest middle school, who becomes her friend despite her Tourette Syndrome and the embarrassment it can cause.

Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet
Daniel Tammet sees numbers as shapes, colors, and textures, and he can perform extraordinary calculations in his head. He can learn new languages from scratch, in a week. He has savant syndrome, a rare condition that gives him almost unimaginable mental powers. He is virtually unique among autistic people in that he is capable of living an independent life. He is even able to explain what is happening inside his head. Starting from early childhood, when he was incapable of making friends and prone to tantrums, to young adulthood, when he learned how to control himself and to live independently, fell in love, experienced a religious conversion to Christianity, and most recently, emerged as a celebrity.

Happy Reading!