Congratulations on winning the Sparks Award at the Leadership Hancock County graduation!  What was your experience like with LHC?

LHC certainly opened my eyes to what the word “leader” really means. Everyone in an organization needs to be a leader, regardless of position or rank.  Just like in acting, there are no small roles. A good manager brings out the leader in everyone, so that every member of the team feels ownership in the mission and contributes according to their potential.

What is the best part about your job?

I love working with people. Our city hall team is great. I learned early in my career that if you take care of your people, they will take care of you. You get what you give.

What is the biggest challenge?

People! Managing people is a privilege but also a challenge at times. Managing people is as much an art as a science.  Everyone is different in terms of how to best inspire and motivate them to reach their potential.  However, it is a challenge that I embrace.

What makes Ellsworth unique?

The sense of community. Even with the recent growth, this community pulls together to help one another and get things done.  I am proud to say that I am from Ellsworth.

Do you have a favorite spot in the library?

The River Walk! It is so peaceful and a great place to collect my thoughts.


A word from City Manager, David Cole:

David, you nominated Tammy for the Sparks Award.  In your opinion, what makes her a great leader?

Leadership comes in many forms. Tammy has a quiet, unassuming style of leadership, working behind the scenes to maintain smooth operations at city hall.  Often the first person to step up if something needs to get done, there is no task that is beneath her.  The words “not my job” have never come out of her mouth.  Above all, she values people, and helps to bring out the best in everyone around her with patience and positive attitude. She never takes credit, but is always the first to dole it out. I have observed firsthand the calming effect she has on her co-workers, particularly in a hectic and sometimes stressful city hall environment.  Tammy is just one of those rare “can do” people who can turn chaos into order and do it with a smile on her face. In short, this dedicated, trusted and talented public servant is a role model to all of those around her, and deserving of such recognition.