Have you always been a library patron?  What is your history with libraries?

As long as I can remember.  I love libraries.  I have cards from Ellsworth, Jesup, Blue Hill, Northeast Harbor, and Southwest Harbor.  I did research for my college thesis (on Hannibal Hamlin) at Widener Library where I used Hamlin’s correspondence which was on microfilm.  When I visit my son Matthew at CalPoly Pomona I spend time at the college library (reading, drinking coffee, and simply looking around).

What role do public libraries play in the community? 

For me it is all about the books whether from the shelves or on interlibrary loan.  I have learned that libraries serve many other purposes: (1) programs for children; (2) chess clubs; (3) bridge clubs; (4) senior college, (5) book clubs and (6) general safe gathering places.

Where is your favorite place in the Ellsworth Public Library? 

I like the second floor (southeast corner –genealogy section).  I particularly enjoy the collection of Ellsworth High School yearbooks.

Do you have any suggestions for a good read? 

For me, I enjoy thick histories written by academics.  Although any book that a person is reading and enjoying is a good read.


Michael Povich is an Ellsworth resident and avid library user.