Why is the library important to you?

It has been an educational and social hub for my family since we settled here 15 years ago.  The various programs and services offered by the library (e.g story time and crafts, STEAMers, puppet shows, Children’s Museum passes, etc.) have truly enriched our family life.  The library has provided valuable homeschooling resources as well.  Plus, it’s been a great place to rendezvous with friends or provide a pleasant environment to just hang out with a book.

Why do you think the library is important to a thriving community?

I guess I come back to the word hub.  It’s a common place in our community to search for information and share ideas, to connect with the familiar or explore something new.  At the same time, it’s also a great place to do the opposite.  You can grab a book, find yourself a nook, and escape into another time and place.  I like that the library is everybody’s.  It belongs to the public.  I think the library supports the invaluable pillars of free speech and freedom of expression that a healthy, free society needs to thrive.

What is your favorite spot in the library?

I’m kind of drawn to the couch area at the base of the stairs on the main floor.  I like the big windows facing the west and all of the light they let in and being able to look out toward the Union River.

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

Mountains and water.


Wayne Simmons is an Ellsworth resident and avid library user.