As an intern at EPL this summer, do you have any special projects in the works?

My special project will be holding 5 weeks of “Once Upon a Sign” storytimes where American Sign Language will be integrated with stories and songs.  Children and caregivers can interact with the signs I have modeled while we read and sing.  There will be weekly handouts to take that have resources to help patrons remember those signs.  I am also compiling resources for library staff to use at a future date.

You work at a school library.  What’s that like?

The school library is different every day.  Sometimes students come in asking for recommendations, other days they know what they want.  Then there are the days where full classes come in for specific assignments and projects.  I also teach the beginning Technology Classes- those days are a little louder as students learn to be safe on the internet and how to recognize Fake News.  There is always ‘library work’ to be done- such as processing new items, labeling the collection with barcodes to be more efficient, maintaining the organization of books on the shelves, and weeding outdated materials.  I always have something to do!

In your opinion, how do school and public libraries differ?

To me, the biggest difference is free-choice reading versus teacher-assigned reading.  Many older students who visit the school library do so because they need resources and materials for a project or they have to read a book that matches a specific reading level or genre.  Most middle/high school students who visit a public library are there to select what they want to read on their own for their enjoyment and benefit.

What kind of books do you enjoy?

My first love is picture books!  I enjoy the colorful artwork along with the text.  Within the juvenile and young adult category, I prefer realistic and historical fiction.

What are you looking forward to most about summer?

This summer I am looking forward to my internship here at Ellsworth Public Library and spending my days off at a number of different beaches in the area!