Reviewed by Kate Walls, Summer Circulation Librarian

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Rachel Klein, a divorced mother, is on her way through the Boston traffic to an oncology appointment when she gets the call. Her teenage daughter, Kylie, has been kidnapped. The stranger on the phone informs her to be prepared for a second call. The second call comes from a women who informs Rachel that there are rules and instructions that she has to follow or Kylie will die. Rachel is first required to pay a twenty-five thousand dollar ransom through the dark web in bitcoin, but it’s not about the money. It’s about The Chain. Rachel is then informed that to get her daughter back, she must chose a target and kidnap a child, but she has to choose carefully. The next victim’s parents have to kidnap a child themselves in order for Rachel to get Kylie back.

And just like that, Rachel is apart of The Chain. 


This novel was really fast-paced and the plot was intriguing as it explores just how far parents will go for their children, but the subject matter might not be for everyone.