Reviewed by Kate Walls, Summer Circulation Librarian

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The Wolf in the Whale is a really beautifully written story about Omat, a girl born with the soul of a hunter and raised by her grandfather as the Inuit tribe’s next angakkuq, or shaman. But even though Omat grows into a powerful angakkuq, able to communicate with and take the form of the Inuit animal guides, her family struggles to survive on the tundra, as their gods seem to have abandoned them. Hope arrives in the shape of newcomers, whale-hunters who will teach Omat’s tribe the skill, but these Inuit only begin to turn Omat’s world upside down as they threaten her identity as a uiluaqtaq, one who is not man or woman. But Omat faces greater threats than starvation: Norsemen looking to explore the vast tundra.
This is one of my new favorite books that is an absolute must-read and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in well-told stories and Norse and Inuit mythology, history, and culture.