Reviewed by Abby Morrow, Community Engagement Librarian

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When struggling author Jacob Finch Bonner meets an arrogant student in his writing group, he doesn’t know that his life is about to change forever.  The student, Evan Parker, privately shares a plot for a novel that will guarantee him all of the fame, fortune, and critical acclaim that Bonner has been craving for years.  Years pass and Bonner is surprised that this book of mythic proportions hasn’t been published.  When he learns of Parker’s death, he’s faced with a choice:  let the plot go and continue as an unknown writer, or take the plot and run with it.  Bonner writes a book based on Parker’s plot and everything Parker claimed does come to pass:  a perennial spot on the NYT bestseller list, working with an A-list director, inclusion in Oprah’s Book Club, and more.  When Bonner is accused of plagiarism, he must try to figure out who could know about the inspiration behind his book, and what their intentions are.  This is a page turner, perfect for mystery/thriller fans.