Reviewed by Abby Morrow, Community Engagement Librarian

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Now that we’re (hopefully) moving on from the pandemic, the last couple of years can seem like something from a dystopian novel: staying inside, worrying about the next variant, and hoarding toilet paper. In this work of non-fiction, Laura Kipnis zooms in on one part of pandemic life: romantic relationships. She writes about how the pandemic created different conditions for couples and how they responded to these constraints, using real life stories she gathered from an online survey and interviews with her friends and students. For some, it brought them closer together, making them realize how much they really meant to each other. For others, it was the last straw, making them realize that they didn’t want to live together anymore, but where could they go during lockdown? Kipnis is a great observer of human behavior and shares some of her own stories about her own relationship during COVID. This is a very interesting and at times funny book that captures a particular moment in our history.

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