Reviewed by Aimee

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I was looking for a new mystery to read when I chanced upon this title, and I am so glad I did. Murder in a Teacup is the perfect cozy mystery to curl up with when you need a little escapism. The protagonist Lily Roberts is relatable and funny, and her tearoom at her grandmother’s resort provides an idyllic seaside setting for a great whodunnit. When Lily’s grandmother invites her best friend (and the friend’s somewhat dysfunctional family) to her resort, she has no idea what is about to unfold. As family troubles boil to the surface, and a murder is committed, secrets begin to spill from all sides of the family, until the perpetrator is finally caught. The characters were zany and entertaining, and I loved the seaside setting. What I initially thought would be a cliche cozy mystery, genuinely surprised me in the best way and I couldn’t be happier that I saw this one through. The climax of this book will shock you, and the well-written plot will keep you guessing until the very end! Happy Reading!