Reviewed by Charlene Clemons

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When the Nazis raid Krakow’s ghetto where the Jewish population has been forced to live, some of the residents escape into the city’s sewer system to avoid the horror of the concentration camps and gas chambers.  Sadie Gault and her mother are among these escapees.  In spite of the continuing threat of being found, Sadie regularly goes to an area of the sewer where she can see the sunlight in the real world.  It is here that she meets Eva through the sewer grate.  Eva risks her own life to help the people in the sewer by bringing them food when she can and warning them of impending danger.   Add in a first love for Sadie, an unexpected pregnancy for Sadie’s mother, and a terrifying escape when the Nazi’s find their hiding place and you have a well-researched historical novel that is a compelling read.