Use of Library Bulletin Boards


Determination for use of the Ellsworth Public Library bulletin boards for display of public notices will be guided by the following priorities:

1. Notices of library programs, events, activities and services will have the first priority.
2. Notices of community interest offered by non-profit organizations with community affiliations will be considered next.
3. Notices of cultural, educational, or recreational topics of interest to the community will receive third priority.

The Library will accept material for display only if it is non-commercial and non-political in nature and of a satisfactory quality.
All material must be brought to the Circulation Desk and must be approved by the Library Director or their representative before it is posted. Materials will be posted and removed by Library staff.
The Library will not guarantee any specific length of display.
The Library reserves the right to remove from display any non-conforming material.
The large bulletin board near the Circulation Desk, the bulletin boards near the elevator, the bulletin board near the Children’s Services desk, and wall and counter space in the Circulation Desk area are reserved for Library use only. Bulletin boards on the ends of stacks will be made available for others, in accordance the guidelines above, as space permits.
Adopted by the Board of Trustees March 11, 1992.
Reviewed by the Board of Trustees March 20, 2001.
Adopted as amended by the Board of Trustees January 16, 2007.