Acadia National Park Centennial: Winter Activities and Holidays at Acadia

Even though winter seems to be just about here (I’ve seen some of that white stuff), there are still plenty of activities going on. In Acadia National Park, check this site for the December Centennial events.

Winter in Maine can be enjoyable, you just need to be prepared.  Check out this article for some great tips:

The Library also has an upcoming Centennial event, too. Join us for a presentation by Bob Thayer entitled “An Acadian Winter” taking place on December 8. It will feature winter animals and activities in Acadia National Park.

For information, see our website at:

In the winter, the Acadia Winter Trails Association (all volunteers) groom several trails for classic and skate style cross-country skiing in the Park. Check their web site and see a map of the trails at:

The primary classic cross-country ski technique is called diagonal stride. To learn more and watch a video, go to this site:

For a video on skate style cross-country skiing, see this site:

Another great Park winter activity is snow shoeing on the trails. This site will show you how to snowshoe, and give you tips on how to select a pair if you decide to buy your own.

If snowmobiling is your thing, go to this site to get some tips:

And this site will give you the rules and regs of snowmobiling in Acadia National Park.

With the exception of the Carriage Roads, dog sledding and skijoring (ski driving) is another winter activity that takes place in the park. Go to one of these sites to learn more about it:


If there hasn’t been much snow, you can go iceskating on some of the Park’s waterways. “Great” Long Pond is good skating spot. See this site for more information and a map.

This is the site to go to if you like to ice fish. The dates and times available for ice fishing are also on this site.

The Loop Road and the Carriage Roads in the Park is closed to cars in the winter, so it’s a great time to take a walk (be sure to wear ice grippers on your boots). You can also trek up Cadillac Mountain for the January 1 sunrise. In the winter it is the first point in the US to see the sun (this year the official time is 7:09 am on January 1 – a Sunday). Here are some tips on doing so:

How about camping in the Park this winter? The Blackwoods campground is open for some real adventure. This site will tell you all about it.

The Park itself puts out some guidelines for winter camping.

And here are some more tips on how to enjoy camping outdoors in the winter.

Later on this winter be sure to visit the Park when they have their Winter Festival, February 26 to March 6. There will be all kinds of fun activities during the 10 day Festival with a number of events and programs. Check out all the fun at:

The Park also has a lot of gift suggestions for you this year. Go to these sites for some good ideas.

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