August Pathfinders: Keeping Cool with Water Fun

Hey, it’s August and it’s important to stay cool.  Read on for some ideas on how to beat the heat!



Here are some tips to stay safe in the sun:

How to be Safe when you’re in the sun

BAM!  Body and Mind:  Sunproof

Sunwise Kids:


Learn more about water and how we can conserve it by playing these fun games:

Water Use it Wisely:

Interactive Games and Activities:

Water for Kids:


Is it too hot to sleep?  Check out these cool tricks:

14 Cool DIY Tricks to Beat the Heat:

24 Tricks to Sleep in the Heat:

Ever wonder why koalas hug trees?  Here’s the answer:

Koalas hug trees to keep cool, say scientists

You don’t have to give up your workout just because it’s hot outside.  Here are some tips for exercising safely in the heat.

Top 5 Tips to Staying Cool During Your Summer Workout

When all else fails…

Image from:

Image from:

Play Games Have Fun:



Local activities

For Ellsworth Harbor Master and Marina:

Harbor Park and Marina Ellsworth, Maine–marina&Itemid=229

For a local tide chart:

US Harbors

For water and beach information on Mount Desert Island, go to this site:

Acadia and Bar Harbor Beaches

This is a great site to locate beach information for some of the smaller towns in this area. Select the town you are near and see what is available in each. All the local beaches and swimming places are listed with a virtual tour of each area. Be sure to check it out at:

Downeast Maine Online

You don’t have to be a kid to have fun.  Here are some adult ideas for keeping cool in the summer.

8 Fun Ways to Stay Cool on a Dime

Summer Party Games for Adults

How about some water balloons games? Try this site:

Water Balloon Games for Adults


So, let’s keep cool and play in (or with) the water a little. For some ideas to have water fun with babies, go to:

Water Fun with Babies and Toddlers

For the little tots, kiddy pools are always great fun. But, there are many other ingenious uses for them, such as a makeshift drink cooler (see picture below).

Image from:

Image from:

For some more kiddie pool ideas, go to:

7 Kiddie Pool Uses After Summer

And be sure you don’t throw the kiddie pools out!  They can also serve as part of your winter preparedness gear. See those ideas at:

15 Preparedness Uses for Kiddie Pools

For fun and games for the older kids, try one of these sites:

Coolest Kid Water Games for Those Without Pools

Wet and Wild:  25 Water Activities

This site has some group water game fun ideas. Go to:

Water Games

To find swimming lessons for your kids (along with other activities) try site:

Kid Swimming Lessons, Classes, and Activities in Ellsworth, ME

Summer Safety

It’s important to keep everyone safe while having all this water fun. Try either of these sites for water safety tips.

Water Safety

Take Steps to Stay Safe Around Water

Here are some tips for summer safety in general:

Make Summer Safe for Kids:

Making Your Baby Comfortable in the Summer Heat: