Carpet FAQ

Carpet FAQs

We will keep this updated as we can.

When will the carpet installation happen?
The project will start on November 13th with the Riverview Room and upstairs on the 3rd floor.

Will this affect lending?
On Friday the 10th the adult fiction (includes mysteries and science fiction) and youth fiction will become non-requestable as we will not have access to the areas. Plan on the 3rd floor being inaccessible on the 13th of November for a minimum of 2 weeks. We will update as we get more concrete information. We will be happy to take purchase and ILL requests during this time however we will not be fulfilling them immediately as we will be unable to process any that come in during this time.

How long will the project last?
While we do not have a firm timeline yet, we estimate that the carpet installation will take three to four weeks, going into early- to mid-December.

When will the library be closed?
The library will be closed during the week of December 4th, when carpet installation moves to the main floor. Many library programs will go on as scheduled in our downstairs meeting room – check our website or facebook page for updates. Thanks for your patience!

Will I be charged overdue fees during this time?
We will waive all overdue fees that accrue during any days we need to close the library.

Can I still request books from other libraries?
Since we won’t be able to accept our daily delivery of books from other libraries while we are closed in late November, we will stop placing requests in early November. Please hold off on making requests after the first week of November.

Will the new carpeting have an odor?
The carpeting may have a slight new carpet smell that should dissipate within a few weeks. Our carpet installer (Riggs Rugs) will use a non-glue adhesive that does not contain VOCs, so there should not be a chemical adhesive odor. We do expect some dust during removal of the old carpeting, so please be cautious if you have dust allergies. If you experience any issues with carpet odor or dust that prevent you from coming into the building, we would be happy to arrange another pickup option.

Can I book the meeting room during carpet installation?
The meeting room will be temporarily unavailable for only one or two days while carpeting is installed in that room. After that time, you are welcome to book the room. If your meeting happens to fall during a time when the library will be closed, we will be in touch with you to arrange entry into the building and locking up. Please make sure to give us good contact information so that we can reach you quickly.

I have some books to donate to the library. Can I still bring those by during carpet installation?
The Friends of the Library, who process book donations, request no donations from now until the carpet project is complete in mid-December, due to limited storage. We will be happy to accept your donations again in mid-December!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!