December Pathfinders: An Old-Fashioned Christmas

The Holidays are upon us again. In times of yore, things were different and simpler. This month’s pathfinder will look at some of those past traditions.

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This site has a lot of “old-time Christmas” ideas.

An old fashion Christmas can also save you some money; here are some ideas to keep the holidays inexpensive.

This site will provide you with ideas for making your own “old style” Holiday cards. Several are easy enough for the younger people in the family to help.

Like in past times, the kids can string popcorn or cranberries for the tree, and here are some other ideas for decorating the tree (some are quick and easy).

And this site will show you how to make your own candy canes for the tree (includes pictures) !

While you’re busy doing that, this site has some Christmas stories and videos for the kids. There are different stories for different age groups.

For some families, Christmas is a time for singing and caroling. There is a wonderful selection of Christmas carol lyrics at this site.

For Families

Check out this site for a list of Christmas activities in the Ellsworth area.

Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce

Need some inspiration for your Christmas Tree?  Take a look at this site:

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Top 10 Inventive Christmas Tree Themes

Wonder how other countries celebrate the holidays?  Take a trip around the world without ever leaving your kitchen — try these international treats.

25+ Food Traditions from Around the World

If you’re still looking for holiday fun, check out these great activities:

12 Days of Fun (and Cheap!) Christmas Activities for Families

How to make your own Christmas Crackers

Party Games!  Have an Old-Fashioned Christmas