December Pathfinders: Gifts for Everyone


For the superhero:


For the princess:

DIY No-Sew Tutu and Easy HandMade Princess Accessories

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For the puppeteer:

Doorway Puppet Theater

7 Super Fun DIY Sock Puppets

For the writer:   

5 Simple Steps to Help Your Child Start a Gratitude Journal

For the reader:

8 Cute DIY Bookmark Ideas


15 Easy Things to Make for Teens {best gift ideas}:

19 Very Cool DIY Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys:

I Love Sharpies: 20 Great Ideas & Projects!:


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15 Homemade Christmas Gifts that Kids Can Make:

23 DIY Holiday Gifts Kids Can Give to their Parents:

20 DIY Gifts under $10:


A hobby is any activity or interest someone is enthusiastic about. Having a hobby can help you relax and deal with every day (and holiday) stress. Almost everyone has some kind of hobby and this month’s pathfinder will help you find or make the perfect gift for all the hobbyists in your life.

Here are a couple of sites with lists of what are considered “hobbies”. The second list has some unusual ones.

Journals make a good gift for the readers and writers on your list. They can be personalized for each person or put together for a special occasion. See how easy they are to make at this site:

Or you can easily make a decorative, unique case for a Kindle. Try the site below.

This site has step-by-step instructions for a Kindle cover made from a hardback book. Many of the designs can be adapted for laptops and iPads

Another good idea for those who like to read would be homemade bookmarks. Fifty of them can be found at:

And this site has bookmark templates:

If you’d like to go really unusual, try this site:

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Here are some ideas for gifts you can make for those people who like to walk.

How about if they run instead? Take a look at these ideas.

Gift baskets always make good gifts and can be focused on someone’s hobby. This site will has some good ideas.

This is a great basket to do. The site even tells you how to make many of the items in the basket.

Here’s a couple of sites that has great gift ideas for the gardeners in your life:

And for those who like to cook there are the following ideas.

Image from:

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How about making the cooking lovers in your life some homemade flavored cooking oils. See the how-to do it at:

And here’s a site that will teach you how to make five handmade ingredients that any cook would love to have.

An assortment of homemade food gifts in baskets can be found on Pinterest. Check it out at:

For some fun & easy homemade aprons, go to:

Here’s a fun, easy one to make for the little cook in the family (with super step-by-step directions).

Ellsworth Public Library has just produced their own Cookbook. Wrap it in a pretty kitchen towel and you have the perfect gift. Stop into the Library or call 667-6363 for more information.


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