Ellsworth Public Library

The Ellsworth Public Library has joined Minerva, the statewide library consortium.. This shift will give library patrons access to a shared catalog of over 60 libraries throughout the state. Library patrons may request their own materials from other libraries directly through the online catalog for delivery to the Ellsworth Public Library. The consortium includes many public and some academic libraries, providing a broad array of books, audiobooks, DVDs, and other resources.

Here are a few FAQs about switching to Minerva.  If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact the library (667-6363) or email info@ellsworthlibrary.net.

To access the Minerva catalog, please click here.  To search for materials in our collection only, change “ALL MINERVA LOCATIONS” to “Ellsworth Public Library” using the dropdown menu.

If you have a card number with fewer than 14 digits, please include the letters “ell” before the barcode when signing into Minerva or our digital resources (e.g. Cloud Library)

Why are you making the switch?

The statewide consortium Minerva offers access to over six million books, audiobooks, DVDs and other materials throughout the state, from both public and academic libraries. Our patrons will be able to place their own requests online and materials will be delivered directly to our library for pickup. The cost is the same as our current system, so it’s an excellent value to our taxpayers for the service we receive. And the new system will enable us to streamline our workflow on the staff side.

Can I still place interlibrary loan requests?
Yes, we are taking requests as usual until October 1st. For the first two weeks in October we won’t be able to place any requests to other libraries. You can still fill out a request card and we will hold it until mid-October, or you can wait to place your request when the service is available again. Thanks for your patience!

Will I be able to save my borrowing history and bookmarks in the Minerva?

Unfortunately, any reading history prior to the switch will not be saved.  Even if you had this feature enabled in our old system, you will need to set it up.  Click on My Library Account to login and from there you can choose to opt in to your reading history.

How will I be able to place requests in the new system?

Once we make the switch, you will be able to log into the new catalog using your library card number, search for the items you’re looking for, and click the “request” button.

I’m not sure how to log in. Can library staff help me?
Yes, library staff can help you access your online account anytime. We can also place requests for you if you’d rather not use the online request feature.

Can I still request items from libraries that are not part of the Minerva consortium?

Yes, you will have access to MaineCat (a more complete statewide catalog) to place requests for anything that is not held by a consortium library. You may also contact us to place requests for items out of state. We are always happy to help you request hard to find items!

Can I keep my current library card?

The new system requires longer barcode numbers than we currently use, so everyone will need to upgrade to a new library card. The Friends of the Library have generously donated a supply of new plastic library cards to all of our cardholders and we will waive the normal $1 fee for plastic cards.