January Pathfinder: New Year’s Resolutions

What is a pathfinder?

Have you ever wanted to know more about a topic, but had no idea where to start? The internet provides a lot of information, but it can be difficult to sort fact from fiction. Whether you’re researching a paper or just want to satisfy your curiosity, a pathfinder might be a good place to start.

Sometimes there is too much information about a certain subject. How do you know which sites you can trust? (Image from: gregagustinjr.com)

A pathfinder is a list of reliable resources about a specific topic.

There are two pathfinders on this page. The first one is designed for kids. Please scroll down for the pathfinder for teens and adults.


New Year’s Resolutions



What is a New Year’s Resolution? It’s an opportunity to set a goal for the coming year. Here are some sites to help you make your own resolutions.


Fill out this worksheet and reflect on everything you did in 2012 and look forward to everything you plan to do in 2013!

New Year Resolution Printable for Kids



A New Year’s resolution can be anything. Here are some resources that will help you with some of the most common resolutions:

Save money

Image from: blogs.momaha.com

Saving up for something special? Go to one of these sites to find out everything you ever wanted to know about saving money:

If you’re in grades K-5, this is the site for you:

Learn about Money for Kids (Grades K-5)



If you’re in grades 6-8, this is the site for you:

Saving Money for Teens (Grades 6-8)



Learn something new

Image from: smpl.org

Learn a new language


Quieres aprender espanol? (Do you want to learn Spanish?) Try the fun games at this website:

Spanish for Kids




This site has plenty of games to test your skills in French.

Learn French Free



Mandarin Chinese

Maybe you’d like to learn Mandarin Chinese. Here is a great resource for beginners.

Semanda.com—Printable Mandarin Chinese Flashcards



Play an instrument


Learn the basics of how to play the piano here:

Learn to Play Piano, Beginner Lesson Online



This site has everything you need to learn how to play the guitar

Learn to Play Guitar



Be healthy

Image from: socialmoms.com

-Eat a healthy diet

Hungry after school? Try one of these creative snacks!




-Find fun ways to exercise

The best exercise is an activity that you will enjoy! Check out this site to find your exercise match.

Exercise Fun: Ways to Find an Exercise You’ll Love



-Calm your mind

It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to juggle school, after school activities, and family responsibilities. Here are some tips to calm your mind and let it all go.

Slideshow: 14 Healthy Ways for Kids to Relax



Teens and Adults


This year, the Library has made a New Year’s resolution to get rid of the clutter and become more organized–both here and at home. Therefore, we are presenting a 3 part series by Professional Organizer, Brenda Cartwright. The three sessions will be as follows:

The January 9 session, at 1PM is titled “Organize your Goals for 2013”. The session will look at goal setting and some of its pitfalls and gives Ideas to be successful.

The January 23 session, at 1PM is titled “Organize Your Papers!” -tips on systems for your desk, table, filing and what to save.

The February 13 session, at 1PM is titled “Organize your Kitchen” using the EPL kitchen for efficiency and simplicity–hands on demo.

For more information, contact Sandy at the Library–667-6363 or sandy@ellsworth.lib.me.us


All sites suggest attacking clutter a little bit at a time. Begin by focusing on one area or problem zone and be sure you limit the time you spend on that project. You will gain a sense of accomplishment if you start out slow and take care of one thing at a time.


Image from: apartmenttherapy.com

Maybe start by “decluttering” the phone. You can access the National Do Not Call Registry at:


You can also add your number to the Do Not Call Registry at 888-832-1222.


While you are at it, you could also eliminate some of the junk mail. The Direct Marketing Association is the leading trade association for business organizations using direct mail, telephone or online shopping. Contact them at the following site to be discontinued from mailing and catalog lists (thus saving lots of paper!)


You have to provide your name and address, but the website pledges that your name and address won’t be used to generate more junk mail. You must also renew every three years. Other types of businesses may have to be contacted directly and it might be worth doing so.


Image from: irisclasson.com

Busy moms tend to be great organizers. At this site, moms contribute ideas and share tips with each other.


There is also a wonderful site for organizing your kid’s stuff. Many of the ideas at this site could be used for adult spaces, too. View them at:



Image from: therunningdoc.com

On Wednesday, January 16 from noon to 1 PM, the Library is presenting a “Financial Fitness” program. To help you get started with your financial fitness, here is the links to 2012 tax forms.

For Maine forms go to:


For Federal forms go to: