January Pathfinders: Goals and Resolutions

Image from: flickr.com

Image from: flickr.com

It’s a New Year! Most people feel the new year is the time to set goals and make “New Year Resolutions” for the coming year. Most resolutions are about changing a behavior you have; either increasing the behavior or decreasing it. This month, Pathfinders will give you some great tips and examples for helping you make those resolutions and keep them.


Image from:  flickr.com

Image from: flickr.com

Have To’s, Want To’s, and Goals:  http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/school/time/article2.html

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Kids:  http://www.aap.org/en-us/about-the-aap/aap-press-room/news-features-and-safety-tips/pages/healthy-new-year-resolutions-for-kids.aspx

Kids’ Health-Topics-Goal Setting:  http://www.cyh.com/HealthTopics/HealthTopicDetailsKids.aspx?p=335&id=2368

Kids Share Their Funny New Year’s Resolutions About Food:  http://www.bonappetit.com/entertaining-style/holidays/slideshow/kids-funny-new-years-resolutions/?slide=1

Image from: flickr.com

Image from: flickr.com


5 Facts About Goal Setting:  http://kidshealth.org/teen/homework/goals/goals_tips.html

List your goals on 43 things:  http://www.43things.com/

Shh!  Talking About Your Goals Makes Them Less Likely To Happen:  http://mentalfloss.com/article/23403/shh-talking-about-your-goals-makes-them-less-likely-happen

GoodReads:  https://www.goodreads.com/

Inspiring Stories of Famous People Who Achieve Their Dreams:  http://www.rdasia.com/how-famous-people-achieved-their-dreams


Help Your Child Set Goals:  http://giftedkids.about.com/od/Gifted-Parenting-Strategies/a/Help-Your-Child-Set-Goals.htm

How to Teach Kids Perseverance and Goal-Setting:  http://www.parents.com/parenting/better-parenting/style/how-to-teach-kids-perseverance-goal-setting/

Rockin’ Teacher Materials:  Guided Reading Goal Setting Bookmarks:  http://rockinteachermaterials.blogspot.com/2011/10/guided-reading-goal-setting-bookmarks.html

Goal Setting Charts:  http://www.freeprintablebehaviorcharts.com/goal_setting_charts.htm


There are many different types of resolutions or goals you may want to make for yourself, such as personal goals, physical, financial, and so forth. It helps to begin with small steps towards working for your overall, larger goal. For example, you can write a daily “to do” to break your resolutions in to reasonable tasks. See an example of this at: http://99u.com/articles/7023/how-to-set-smart-daily-goals

This government site lists the most popular New Year’s resolutions people make. Each resolution is linked with a government site to help you with your New Year’s goals. See the list at: http://www.usa.gov/Citizen/Topics/New-Years-Resolutions.shtml

Image from:  flickr.com

Image from: flickr.com

The two most common New Year’s resolutions involve health and financial goals.

If you want to make some financial goals for the next year, try this site:  http://money.cnn.com/magazines/moneymag/moneymag_archive/2003/11/01/352291/

For health and exercise resolutions, go to one of these:  http://www.rd.com/slideshows/9-healthy-new-years-resolutions/#slideshow=slide2


There are many ways to form a resolution. One way is to set goals for yourself and then use a “step system” to work toward those goals. Having specific goals can lead to a higher achievement rate higher level of performance than general goals. A system called SMART goals can help you set your resolutions in clear terms. Access the SMART goal system at one of these sites:




This site uses a 8 step system to set your goals. Intended for companies and employees, the steps can be modified for any type of goal. Access it at:


For some tips on keeping those resolutions, go to one of these sites:




And finally, this site will tell you about some “goal tracking” devices. Some of the apps cost money, but there are a couple of free ones that received good ratings. See them at:


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