June 2017: Children’s Libraries

Before the 1890s, there were no separate areas in libraries for children. And sitting and reading quietly was a must. Read all about it at:


The first library to have a children’s area was Boston Public Library. Go to this site to read about some of the Library’s other “firsts”.


Also, you can read about it in the book “Miss Moore Thought Otherwise” located in our children’s section.

This family site looked at 500 children’s library to select the 10 best. Read about here:


This Norway Library has an awesome place for kids aged 10 to 15. Check it out at:


To see other kinds of spaces that have been designed for kids, go the the American Libraries Magazine site:


And here is an article from Library Journal on designing spaces for kids. Lots of pictures here too.


And here are five good reasons to visit the library with your children.


The division of the American Library Association is Association for Library Service to Children. There they have wonderful websites for kids. See it at:


Libraries have always worked hard to develop special programs for kids. The Association for Library Services to Children has a great list of book programs for school age children. They also have other kinds of programing. Their site is at:


And go to this site for some preschool STEAM activities:


Some libraries are participating in the STEAM program for kids (this library is). The letters mean offering programming in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Go to this site to learn more.


This is one of the surprisingly “dense” experiments

done by EPL’s STEAMers Club in April.

And this site will show you how to make your own “dense” eggs.


Ellsworth Public Library will be hosting a STEAMers Club for grades 5 and up this summer (starting on Monday, July 10 at 2 pm). In the Fall, the STEAMers Club for grades K through 5 will resume.