June Pathfinder: What should you read this summer?




Members of the Reading Pros during a 5 hour read-a-thon.


Check out this site for some fun reading games:

Read- PBS KIDS http://pbskids.org/read/

Here are some great ways to read reviews written by kids and write some of your own!

BiblioNasium – Kids Share Book Recommendations, Use Online Reading Logs, Find Books at Their Reading Level


Have you heard about the Maine Student Book Award?  Readers in grades 3-8 are invited to read at least 3 books from this years list and then vote for their favorite in the spring.

Title List 2014-2015 – Maine Student Book Award


Here’s another site with kid reviews:

Children’s Choices: http://www.reading.org/Resources/Booklists/ChildrensChoices.aspx



Members of the Bibliophile Read-a-force at the read-a-thon

Members of the Bibliophile Read-a-force at the read-a-thon

Stock your virtual bookshelf with Shelfari.

Shelfari: http://www.shelfari.com/

Do you try to catch up on reading during summer vacation? Here’s a list of the best books from 2013.

The 21 Best YA Books of 2013: http://www.buzzfeed.com/ariellecalderon/the-best-ya-books-of-2013?bfpi

Have you finished the Divergent series and aren’t sure what to read next? Check out this list:

High Functioning Bookaholic: For the Lovers of Divergent:


Are you looking for a challenge? This 18 page list combines the best youth and adult books.

Teenreads.com Ultimate Reading List: http://www.teenreads.com/teenreadscom-ultimate-reading-list



Here are some great resources for promoting early literacy:

Raise a Reader, Education, PBS Parents: http://www.pbs.org/parents/education/read/

Kids’ Book Club Basics, PBS Parents: http://www.pbs.org/parents/education/reading-language/reading-tips/kids-book-club-basics/

This blog by Anita Silvey features one recommended book per day:

Book-A-Day Almanac – http://childrensbookalmanac.com/



Image from blogs.constantcontact.com

Image from blogs.constantcontact.com


Do you think the weather influences the kinds of books we want to read in the summer versus what we want to read in the winter? What we read on a cold, snowy winter day may not be the same thing we want to read when it’s 90 degrees out. Check out the seasonal lists by PBS’s “Washington Week”. Do you find any difference between the summer and winter lists? (the background pictures certainly are different)



Here is a list of some other great summer “beach reads”.


Try this site if you are interested in books by Maine authors. There are categories for various types of writing including young readers and young adult readers.


Or to find other Maine authors (and their bios), along with the Maine Literary Award contenders for 2014, go to:


The Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance also puts out a list of new books by Maine authors in the categories of Fiction, Crime Fiction, Nonfiction, Memoir, Poetry, and Young Readers/Young Adults. Check out the selections at:


Read about one woman who “read around the world” at this site. The list she has usually has more than one selection for each country.


To see what librarians around the country are reading and recommending, go to this site:



Image from:  blog.studentadvisor.com

Image from: blog.studentadvisor.com


So, what to read next?  Maybe this site will help. WSIRN (What Should I Read Next) has a huge database of readers’ favorite titles and will make suggestion for you based on what you like to read. You can join for free and develop a list of your own favorites.


Another way to find your next read is to go to a book selling site. Many of them, including Amazon and Bookish, provide reader ratings and may have an excerpt you can read. Once you’ve selected a book, you can check Ellsworth Public Library’s catalog for the title. If we don’t have it, the Library can usually get the title for you from another library for a small fee. Try out some books at:



Here is another site you can try. Click on a favorite read and it will produce other titles you might like. Be sure and try the “My Map” feature. Fun!


This is a great site. They will send you a monthly e-newsletter, full of the newest and latest. If you rate and review 20 books, it will make personalized recommendations of what else to read. Find them at:


How about posting a book review for others on the Ellsworth Public Library site? After going to our site at http://www.ellsworth.lib.me.us/, click “Book Review” in the Reader’s Corner. Clicking on “submit an electronic book review” will provide you with step-by-step instructions.

For some tips on how to review a book go to:


This site will give you tips on reviewing a book and also provide you with a template for doing so.


And this group will give you many great reasons to keep reading.