Let’s Learn About: Library Experiences

2017 November Learn about Library Experiences

Libraries are changing; they will be very different in the future and serve their patrons in different ways. This site will tell you all about it:


This site will give you ten ways libraries of the future will be different.


And this site will provide you with 23 ways libraries are becoming more community focused:


Libraries are developing more and more programs to meet their patron’s needs. One of the changes taking place in libraries is more services and programs. See this site to find out some of the things libraries are doing.


Like most jobs, librarians have developed their own language or terminologies. We may use a word that you don’t understand –stop us and ask if we do that! This site has an extensive list of library terms. See how many you already know.


Some of the programs taking place are considered passive programing; in other words, the program is set up by librarians, but the patrons take the lead. Some of the results can be amazing. Here is a list of passive program ideas.


And this one looks like a fun “passive program”.

Can you think of ways your own library has changed? Take a look at Ellsworth Public Library website and see if you can spot some new services and check them out. Go to:


Do you have ideas for the future of EPL?  Take our survey by December 15th and share your thoughts!