March Pathfinder: Crafts

Crafts parents can do with their kids

Do you think your child is too young for crafts?  Think again!  This site has a great collection of craft activities to entertain your little ones.

Play, Create, Explore:  200+ Activities for Ages 1-5


This easy-to-make long braid is a perfect addition to anyone’s dress up closet.

Kid Craft:  Rapunzel Hair


3-2-1 Blast off!  Here are instructions to make a pretend jet pack:

Rocket Man:  Little Boys Space Party!


For a new twist on tie-dye, try this technique using Sharpie markers.

Butterfly Jungle:  Fireworks T-Shirts


Crafts kids can do all by themselves

Grade School

Try your hand at pointillism (a painting technique using tiny dots) with this project using paint and Q-Tips.  The instructions are in Italian, but if you can’t read Italian, don’t worry–you can look at the pictures to see how to do the craft.


Do you love to draw but don’t know where to start?  Use a magazine clipping for inspiration and then complete the picture, or create a piece of art from cut up magazines!  Check out this site for some great examples.

Young Explorers Class

Image from:

Image from:

Which common household item is great for making sculptures?  Aluminum foil, of course!

Creating Sculptures with Aluminum Foil


Can you name the animals hiding in these letters?  Visit this site and color each letter of the alphabet!

Color the Animal Alphabet


Make your own stamps!

Create with Kids:  Make Your Own Bottle Top Stamps

Image from:

Image from:

Create a beautiful cherry tree using paint, a brush, and the bottle of a soda bottle.

Cherry Blossom Art from a Recycled Soda Bottle


Middle School

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to redecorate your room?  Make your own wall art!  Check out the link for some great ideas on how to brighten up your living space.

Wall Art:  20 ways to Modge Podge a canvas


Image from:

Image from:

What’s the recipe for this awesome bowl?  Flour, sugar, water (to make a paste), yarn, and your imagination!  Check out the link for the paste recipe.

Etceteras: yarn bowl


Image from:

Image from:

Reading a great book and drinking hot chocolate can be the perfect way to spend a snowy afternoon.  Don’t forget a bookmark (and marshmallows) to complete the experience.

The Perfect Gift:  Yarn Ball Bookmark


Do you ever wonder what the messages inside fortune cookies mean?  Here’s a chance to come up with your own fortunes and stash them inside paper cookies.  Check out this site for an easy fortune cookie origami tutorial.  Use the template provided or decorate your own!


When it’s too cold to grow flowers outside, try making some inside (out of duct tape).

Crafts for Teens and Adults

With any luck, as the last part of winter arrives, we may not have quite as much snow to shovel or ice to contend with.  That means there is still plenty of time to get some crafting done.  Everyone has the ability to do some kind of craft–and working on crafts is a great way to fill your time before gardening season arrives.

Image from:

Image from:

With a little imagination, any trinket or item can become a craft project.


There are all kinds of sites to get craft ideas from. This one has the instructions for some very different kinds of crafts.  From jewelry to birdhouses, you can let loose and experiment with your craft projects.


Crafts from recycled materials is always a good idea.  You can get some ideas from this site


This second site also has some good recycled crafts. Several of their craft ideas  are made from old jeans. It also gives good directions. 


Some crafts take very little time and effort.  And, many use materials you probably already have around the house. This site has directions for duct tape flip-flops and has a video for step by step directions.


Image from:

Image from:

There are many kinds of scarfs to make out of old tee shirts at this site:”braided+scarf+tutorial


How about a site that lists crafts by the material used; you can come up with a potential “throw-away” item and check for a craft using that material. The item may have a second life left in it.


A wonderful site for craft patterns can be found at:

There are also tutorials on how to do some crafts, and lists of material and tools.