March Pathfinders: Reading, Reading, Reading

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One of the things this snowy winter has given us is time to read; so this month’s will provide you with some reading sites and lists of books you may want to read.

And even with all the new technology, people still read. Last year, the Pew Research center presented their findings of reading in America. As of January 2014, 76% of Americans ages 18 and older said they had read at least one book in the past year. Sixty-nine percent had read a book in print and 28% read an e-book. Another 14% listened to an audiobook. Check the research out at:

This site will help you find your “reading personality” -fun to do. Try it at:

You can always check the New York Best Seller List to see what’s hot. Go to:

To view the books that are winning awards, go to this site:

Then you can create a free account on Goodreads to meet your next favorite book. You can also rate and review books for others. Go to:

Here’s another site that will give you some reading suggestions. It is also a free one.

Or to try and find similar books to others you have read and liked, try this site:

If you are reading a series, a good site to be familiar with is KDL (Kent District Library). Click on “Books & More”  and you can find  a list of books in series, either by series title, book title or author. Go to:

At this site, you can put in a title and it will suggest several other titles you might like to try. It does take you to Amazon, but if you click on the book it will provide you with a synopsis of plot. Then check with the Library to see if we own the title or can get it for you.

If you like a certain author, a literature map can also help you find a similar author to try. Check it out at:

Gnooks is another site with a literature map for titles and authors. Discover new writers you might like at:.

At this site, you can contribute book extras and create your own bookshelf to share with others.

They also host book groups so you can have online discussions about certain titles.

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Celebrate reading with Read Across America!



Check out this site to record what you’ve read and see what other kids think about what they’re reading, too!

Find great books, movies, music, and more!



This periodic table might be a little different than the one you’re used to…

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This is like a horoscope for books!

Sometimes you need more categories than “adventure” or “drama.”  Here’s the site for ultra-specific categories:

Just for fun:



Here’s a fun way to recycle old books and stickers to create a fun storytelling tool:

Make reading fun with these book themed crafts:

Your kids can model for these fun photo bookmarks

Here are some great ideas to promote early literacy when you read aloud:


Here are some Dr. Seuss themed printable activities to celebrate Read Across America:

Check out these other ideas for teachers and students: