May Pathfinders: Get Ready for the Rainbow Readers Race!

11083874_1576615009287079_1013662935326284641_nEllsworth Public Library is gearing up for its first 5K Color Run, “Rainbow Readers Race”. So, pathfinders will lead off the run with some running sites. The race takes place June 14; call the Library at 667-6363 or check the EPL web page for more information. And if you don’t feel like running, it’s perfectly alright to walk the course. Join Us!

Check out our website and facebook page to find out more about Rainbow Readers Race!   

The Race also is listed in “Maine Today” –see the fun at:

Color Runs

starting line

So, what is a color run, anyway?  It’s a 5K celebration of fun–volunteers will throw colored cornstarch at the runners at different stations along the course.  Read on for more information:

First Color Run:  What to Expect and Tips to Make it Awesome

Funny and Creative Color Run Team Names

Color Run Cleaning Tips

Join Dotty Small for the Rainbow Readers Race on 6/14/15!

Join Dotty Small for the Rainbow Readers Race on 6/14/15!


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