November Pathfinder: Thanksgiving

What is a pathfinder?

Have you ever wanted to know more about a topic, but had no idea where to start?  The internet provides a lot of information, but it can be difficult to sort fact from fiction.  Whether you’re researching a paper or just want to satisfy your curiosity, a pathfinder might be a good place to start.

Sometimes there is too much information about a certain subject. How do you know which sites you can trust? (Image from:

A pathfinder is a list of reliable resources about a specific topic.

The library will be closed on Thanksgiving, but this list of websites will provide plenty of information about turkey day! 

There are two pathfinders on this page.  The first one is designed for kids.  Please scroll down for the pathfinder for teens and adults.


Thanksgiving Pathfinder for Kids

Kermit soars above the streets at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. (Image from

Can you answer these five questions about the first Thanksgiving?

1. Who was there?

2. What did they eat?

3. Why did they get together?

4. When was it (year)?

5. Where was it (state)?

Check out this site for the answers!

First Thanksgiving—National Geographic Kids


How do we know what the first Thanksgiving was really like? Take a look at these sites for more information about the history of this holiday.

Partakers of our Plenty—Plimoth Plantation

Do you ever wonder what they ate on the first Thanksgiving?  This site gives you an idea of what the menu must have been like back in 1621.


Thanksgiving Interactive: You are the Historian

This interactive site gives you a chance to be a historian and research the first Thanksgiving!


The First Thanksgiving: Daily Life

Learn about daily life during the 1600s at this site.


Fun Thanksgiving Activities

Pilgrim Hat Cookies Recipe

Here’s a Thanksgiving themed treat from Taste of Home magazine that you can make yourself.


Thanksgiving Games Gallery

Try some of these games to liven up Thanksgiving dinner!



Thanksgiving Pathfinder for Teens and Adults

(Image from:


Thanksgiving– Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts

This is a very informative site that has videos, such as one about the history of the Mayflower and another with the history of pumpkin pie.  There is a section that contains Thanksgiving facts and a list of recommended articles.  The site also contains links to other historic times.


Family Thanksgiving Traditions

The site lists the top ten family Thanksgiving traditions and gives some facts about each.  You can vote for your favorite, but the site does want you to sign in to do so.  Thanksgiving books and movies are also listed.


Thanksgiving Story, Conversation Starters for Holiday Gatherings

Do something different and share stories between the generations at your Thanksgiving table. This site contains 50 conversation topics to get your started.


Thanksgiving Recipes—Celebration-Recipes/Thanksgiving-Recipes

This site lists a variety of appetizers, side dishes, turkey and stuffing recipes and a collection of the classic sweet potato casserole. There are several pie recipes along with other types of “Thanksgiving” desserts, including directions for the easy- to- put- together Pilgrim Hat Cookies. All recipes are rated.


TLC Cooking “What’s the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal?”

Cost saving tips for your Thanksgiving meal.


History Release>>Greatest Game Ever Played

The site includes a history index from the start of the National Football League in 1920. Also has a section of football “firsts” in the History News Archive.


From garden to Thanksgiving table

Plan ahead for next year and grow your own vegetables for your Thanksgiving table.


The First Thanksgiving Feast in the New World

Lists the possible seeds the Pilgrims brought to their new country that they grew and served at their first Thanksgiving.