November Pathfinders: Fun and Games for Winter

As winter approaches, it seems pathfinders could come up with games to do while stuck inside. Some may need the use of a computer, but others can be fun and simple to do. Let’s see what we can come up with.


Even the ancient Egyptians and Vikings played games. This site will give you the history of old time games and tell you how to play them.

Some of the traditional games to played with a pencil and paper. Check these sites out to see which ones you remember and maybe find a few new ones.

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Or, some of the easy “old-fashion” card games can be found here:

If you’re alone, here are some “solo” games:

Or test your wits with some fun online “brain games”  at these two sites:

And here’s a “Memory Gym” to give your mind a workout:

This site has some group games that look like fun.

With Thanksgiving coming up, how about some “Thanksgiving” games for the whole family?

Or just some cooking games to go along with all that food:

This site will offer you online games to play (for those snowy afternoons ).  Click the “links” button to find other games. Some you play solo and some team you up with other online players

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There is a Mah Jongg group that plays here at the Library every Wednesday evening at 5:30. If you want to see what is all about, go to:

Or play solitaire Mah Jongg at one of these sites:

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Chess happens at the Library on Thursday nights at 6 pm. Learn about playing chess at this site:

To play a game of chess against your computer,  go to one of these sites:

Both the Mah Jongg and chess games at the Library are free and open to anyone. The enthusiastic players are always willing to help the newcomers.


Alliteration Skill Games:

Funbrain Kid Center:

Some online action games at this site might be fun too.

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29 kid games to play while on the go  –babies to young kids.

Online Games for very young kids:

Family Chess meets one Monday a month at the Ellsworth Public Library.  Here’s an online chess game you can play right now!


Sitting around with your friends, looking for something to do?  Try this game:

I have never game:

Do you love to play games AND change the world?  Check out these awesome online games:

Games for Science:

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Do you live for video games?  Check out this site:

The Video Game Revolution:  History of Gaming:

Anyone who has played Tetris will relate to this Hank Green song:

The Man Who Throws the Tetris Piece:


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Parents and kids are invited to join us on Saturday, November 15 at 10:30 a.m. to celebrate International Games Day!  Visit these sites to learn about fun games from around the world:

10 Fun Games from Around the World:

Games around the world:

Five Fun Games for Around the World:

Kids and grandparents can connect over these classic games:

Dice games for grandparents with grandkids:

Do you think your child is spending too much time in front of a screen?  These articles explore a couple of potential benefits to playing video games:

Beyond ‘Screen Time:’ What Minecraft Teaches Kids:

Study:  Playing a Video Game Helps Teens Beat Depression:

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