November Pathfinders: Getting Ready for Winter

Getting Ready for Winter

Daylight Savings Time is coming to an end.  Don’t forget to “fall back” an hour this weekend.  This month’s pathfinders will get you ready for the winter months.

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How to stay active in winter

It’s getting colder out, and it can be difficult to play outside in winter weather. Check out the “Games” section of this site for great ideas to keep you moving, even if you’re stuck inside.

Web MD FIT kids:

Indoor Winter Exercises:

Learning about Winter: Hibernation and Migration

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What happens to animals during the winter?  What is hibernation? Check out these sites to find out what some animals do to get ready for winter:

Animals Get Ready for Winter:

Fun Hibernation Facts:

Getting Ready for Winter Kid’s Page:


How do people get ready for winter? What should you do if a big storm is coming in? Help your family prepare for snowstorms by checking out this cool site:

Winter Storms/Extreme Cold:




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If you just got your license, you may not have much experience driving in snow, sleet, and ice. Check out this site for tips to stay safe this winter.

Getting Ready for Winter Driving: Five Things to Remember:

Try your hand at a winter hobby:

How Do I Learn to Knit?:

It can be more difficult to eat healthy during the winter.  Here are some tips:

Healthy Eating Tips for Teens:

Have you ever wanted to write a novel? Try writing a whole book in one month! Visit this site for more information:

NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program:



Winter can be a drag. Here are some tips to make the winter months fun for kids.

Top 5 Ways to Keep Kids Active During Winter!:

Indoor Physical Activity for Bad Weather Days:



With the first chilly night arriving, you know it is time to get ready for winter. There is a great checklist at this site to help you get started at:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) site has all the information you need to help you prepare in advance for winter emergencies. There is also a Family Communication Plan for parents and kids that you can download. You can fill out the form before printing or email it to other family members or friends. Check it out at:

Maine also has a great website to help you get ready for the winter weather. It includes weather advisory, road conditions, and so forth . Go to the Maine government site at:

It is also time to plan activities for being inside more because of the early darkness and the wintery weather. We all know the standard “winter indoors” activities, TV, board games, and so forth. But maybe this is the year to try some new things for the long winter nights.

For some different things to do with kids, try this site:

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Or make Friday night “fun” night–instead of pizza and a movie, how about pizza and a family dance night?

Download some cool dance tunes at:

You could even do a special evening with “finger party foods”. Try some from this site.

Or this site also has some kid-friendly finger party food that the kids can help with. Pizza Pops anyone?

What about having a family picnic on the living room floor in the dead of winter while it’s snowing? Try some of these fun “gourmet” food picnic ideas at:

Another fun thing to do is have the whole family create a meal from a different country. Every week one person gets to pick a country that would like to visit and investigate what foods should be included. For an extensive list of countries along with favorite food choices and recipes, go to:

Be sure to do some of the cooking together–warm up the kitchen on those bitter cold nights.

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