November Pathfinders: Write On!

November is National Novel Writing Month (better known as NaNoWriMo). As such, Pathfinders will feature novel writing along with other kinds of writing for all kinds of ages. Join us in a writing exploration.


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National Novel Writing Month is the creative movement that’s sweeping the world. In 2014, more than 400,000 people around the world wrote novels with NaNoWriMo. Come Write In, NaNoWriMo’s community partnership program, connects libraries and other community spaces with local writers, forming relationships that are transformative for both writers and libraries.

There are several great sites for doing you novel writing research. Some of what you are writing has to be a little true. Check out these sites to learn more.

You can also apply some of same organizing tools as doing a reach paper. Go to this site for some information.

Wants some advice from successful writers? This site has authors talking about what works for them.

Even though this site says “for young writers” many of the websites have some great features.

If you are already an author in Maine, the Maine State Library maintains a list of all writers with some kind of connection to Maine, whether by birth, residency, employment or works that are set in Maine. . There is a form where you can fill out to get put in the database. Go to their site at:


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If the beginning of the story is the most difficult for you, check out these ideas for “Story Starters.”

Scholastic Story Starters

This site will provide you with the hero, setting and villian.  The story is up to you!

The Story Kitchen

Need some inspiration?  Check out these serials from kids across the country!

Amazing 826 Serial Storytelling Extravaganza

What is a haiku?  Learn about this style of poetry and try one of your own here:

KidZone Poetry:  Haiku



Looking for a big challenge?  Try writing an entire novel in just one month.

NaNoWriMo’s Young Writers Program

Not sure where to start?  This blog post has some good ideas to point you in the right direction:

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How to Write a Novel

Stuck?  Beth Reekles can help!

Top tips for teen writers:  Beth Reekles

Here’s some advice from John Green:

John’s Writing Advice

10 Writing Tips from John Green

Do you want to learn a new style of writing?  This site offers free writing lessons:

Pomegranate Words

How does music figure into your story?  Read this article to get your creative juices flowing:

The Soundtrack of your Story

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