September Pathfinders: Banned Books

We are into September already, and where did the summer go?  For libraries, banned book week takes place in September  (Sept 27 – Oct. 3) and libraries all over are gearing up to  reinforce our right to read. There are many reasons why books are banned. Check this site for more information.

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And here’s another article about why books are banned.

For a list of books that have questioned over the years,  go to this site. You can also challenge

a book there.

This article discusses why  the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” by  Harper Lee has often been challenged. Read about it at:

And the book “The Kite Runner” has been challenged in some high schools. This article will tell you about one such school.

It debating site  has a forum for whether or not books should be banned at all. Quite a discussion at:

This site uses banned books as a way to teach tolerance.

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To see what the American Library Association says about  the banning of books. Go to:

Banned books week this year is going to focus on young adult books. This site will tell you more about it and has a list of some of the young adult books that have been banned.

This article will give you some creative ways to celebrate banned book week.

This site celebrates the right to read and also has a ton of information about banned book week (Sept. 27 – Oct. 3).