September Pathfinders: Be Prepared and Be Safe

Be Prepared

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This month, Ellsworth Fire Department is hosting the Annual Fireman’s Convention. In honor of that, pathfinders will be about things in the emergency workers’ world.

For more information about the Fireman’s Convention, please visit this site:

What is a true emergency?

According to Community Health Advocates, a true emergency is defined as

“a situation in which a reasonably prudent person—without medical training—would determine that immediate care is needed.”


This is great site to visit if you want to know whether or not you have a real emergency. It has a comprehensive list of what signs and symptoms to look for. The site will also tell you why NOT to transport an injured person yourself.  Please follow this link for more information: WhatIsATrueMedicalEmergency

Either one of these sites will provide you with the general guidelines for calling 911. There is also a section on what information emergency dispatcher will need.

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Remember the ice storm of ’98? It pays to be prepared all of the time.

This site remembers the ice storm. It is always important to be prepared for any emergency. For guidelines on preparing and planning for emergencies, check out:

The Red Cross site is wonderful, too. It has special preparedness guides for children, seniors, people with disabilities, and pets. Very easy to access and follow.


Be Safe

For Parents

This site contains a wealth of information about how to keep your kids safe:


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Now that it’s time for back to school, here are some tips for kids and parents to keep everyone safe.


Does your child have a food allergy? Make sure that he/she will have a safe, healthy year by following these steps:


What do you do if your child/teen is the victim of cyberbullying? Here’s a post with links to great resources:


Is your tween staying home alone for the first time? Here are some tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.


For Kids

Learn about how to stay safe and then test your skills with a crossword puzzle.


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How much do you know about fire safety? What is it like to be a fire fighter? Take a look at these sites to learn more!


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Check out Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog’s page to find out how you can be safe online.

A big “thank you” to Chris for suggesting this next site!  Click on the link for information on fire safety basics and helpful links.

For Teens

It’s important to learn how to be safe online. Here are some resources for online safety:


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Do you want to learn how to be a good babysitter? Check out the following sites: