To reserve an item, log in to your library account online, call the library (207-667-6363) with your card number, or come in and renew in person (with your library card or photo ID).

The easiest way to place a reserve on an item we have at the library is through your online library account.

Step-by-step instructions for reserving online:

  1. Log in using your card and phone number.
  2. Search for the item you’d like and click the button that says Reserve Title.
  3. Now you can choose how you want to be notified when it is ready for pickup by using the drop-down arrow.
  4. After you have done that, click the Place Reserve button.
  5. The next screen will show you if the reserve was successful (it should be!) and where you are on the reserve list.
  6. You can also bookmark titles you might want to read sometime down the road and you can cancel or defer reserves.