If you have an Ellsworth Public Library card, you can log in using your card number (below the barcode) as your patron ID and your phone number or the password you’ve set for your account as your password. If you do not have a card with us, you can ask for a guest pass at the circulation desk.

How long can I use the computer?
We have 15, 30, and 60 minute computers. Regardless of which computer you are using, you may ask a librarian to extend your time. We are happy to do that as long as no one is waiting to use a computer.

Please be sure to ask for additional time before your session ends so we can extend your time.

Please note: 30 and 60 minute computers shut down automatically 15 minutes before the library closes for the day. Please save your work before they shut down. Fifteen minute computers will shut down five minutes before the library closes.