Reviewed by Joanna Sands

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This book is the sequel to The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, a wonderful novel about the Kentucky Pack Horse Librarians Project, a project started during the depression as part of the New Deal.

The main character is 16 year old Honey Lovett,  the daughter of one of the original Pack Horse Librarians, Cussy Mary Carter.  Like her mother, Honey is a “blue” person and has been born with a genetic disorder that gives her skin a blue tint.  When Honey’s parents are imprisoned for the crime of miscegenation, her mother is “blue” and her father is white, she must fend for herself.

When Honey’s guardian dies, she must struggle for her freedom and her survival against prejudice, poverty and the threat of being sent to the Reform school for the crime of being a “blue” and a minor. Honey fights these injustices throughout the book and proves her strength and resilience as she becomes Troublesome Creek’s newest Pack Horse Librarian.