Ellsworth Public Library

Library related events have priority over other users of the Riverview Room.

City of Ellsworth Municipal Departments and the City Council may use the Riverview Room at no charge.

The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the Library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the City of Ellsworth, the Board of Trustees, or the Library staff.

Scheduling and Reservations

Applications for use of the Riverview Room are available at the Library circulation desk during regular Library hours or on the Library’s website at: www.ellsworth.lib.me.us.  A completed application must be received before a reservation is confirmed.  Completed applications should be received at least 48 hours prior to the event.

Set up and clean up time should be included when reserving the Riverview Room.

The Library reserves the right to limit the number of reservations at one time.

For after-hours meetings, a representative of the group must pick up the keys during regular business hours on the day of the meeting and be instructed on building closing procedures.

The Riverview Room is not available on Sundays or Legal Holidays when the library is closed for business.  If the Library is closed for all or a portion of a day due to weather conditions or other emergency, any reservations during those closures will be cancelled.  Check library website, Facebook page, and local radio and TV stations for closure notices.

The Library reserves the right to reject any application or withdraw previously approved application(s) for a violation of the policies of the Library or non-payment of meeting room fees.


If an event is cancelled please notify the Library by phone or in person at least 48 hours prior to the event.  The meeting room fee will be charged if a cancellation notice is not received at least 48 hours prior to the event’s starting time. 

Publicity For Events

Individuals and groups using the Library meeting room must not use advertising or publicity materials that indicate or imply that a program is sponsored, co-sponsored, endorsed, or approved by the Library. Advertising and publicity must clearly state “this event is sponsored by (name of individual or organization)” and include a contact phone number for the group and/or individual responsible for the program and may not include the Library’s phone number. In no case will the Library’s logo be used in any publicity materials for events not sponsored by the Library. No group may consider the Library its permanent meeting place or use the Library as its mailing address.


Smoking is not permitted in the building. No smoking is allowed anywhere on Library grounds except in the designated smoking area in the rear parking lot by the cigarette receptacle. Use of candles or incense is also prohibited.


Daytime event attendees should use the public parking lot at City Hall. The exception to this would be vehicles with handicapped designation, which may use the handicapped spaces in the rear parking lot.


Maximum occupancy for the Riverview Room will be the limit governed by the prevailing fire code. Capacity is 100 people standing and 56 people with tables and chairs set up.


Use of equipment should be arranged when making reservations. Ten tables (3’ X 6”) and chairs; children’s tables and chairs; TV/DVD/VCR cart; lectern; whiteboard and markers; and projection screen are available.

Groups using audio / visual equipment must be aware of copyright laws and may not use media labeled “home use”. Public performance rights must be obtained for media to be viewed in the Library.

Set Up

Requested equipment will be in the room at the time of the meeting. Individuals or groups using the Riverview Room are responsible for setting it up according to their needs.


Food and beverages may be consumed in the Riverview Room. Persons or groups using only the Riverview Room must furnish their own dishes, etc. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on Library property by City of Ellsworth ordinance.


A full kitchen (stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot) is available for an additional charge.

Meeting Room Cleanup

Groups are responsible for straightening the room after each use.  Please replace chairs, wipe off tables and replace those tables set up for your group. Any trash must be taken by the group.

Kitchen Cleanup

All kitchen areas and refrigerator should be cleaned and food removed.  Any dishes and utensils should be washed, dried, and returned to the cupboards. All trash must be bagged and taken or closed bags left in the kitchen on the floor.

The Library is not responsible for any materials or equipment left in the building.

Closing After Library Hours

If an event begins after the Library is closed or will end after closing time, a member of the Library staff will review closing procedures with the person in charge of the event.  Failure to follow closing procedures may affect future use of the facility.

Statement of Responsibility

The applicants who use the Library’s Riverview Room accept full liability for any damage to the facilities and/or equipment.


Non-profit organization or an individual: $ 20.00
For-profit or an individual representing a for-profit 50.00
Non-profit or for-profit: charging admission 20% of gate ($50.00 minimum)
Use of kitchen: $ 20.00 (in addition to the room rental fee)

Fees must be paid at or before the time of the event. Any business or group that requires an invoice to make payment should note that on the application.

Approved by Board of Trustees – June 16, 2014
Reviewed with no changes by the Board of Trustees – June 15, 2015